Saturday, March 30, 2013

Final Campaign Day

Well today was my last day going door-to-door in District 12. With Easter tomorrow and Monday being a work day and opening day for Brewers fans I decided to get out today and meet with more people.

If this is your first reading of a blog of mine I encourage you to read previous entries or see any of the local news outlets for information on where I stand on the issues and how I believe they should be solved. Regardless of the outcome Tuesday, District 12 will have a new Alderman. That fact makes this election so important and that you, the voter, goes and votes.

I had the privilege of going on a police ride along this last week. I was blown away at the experience. I was impressed with each officer I came in contact with and got some amazing insight from the 2 different officers I rode with. I was able to experience two different shifts by going in at 7 pm and getting home a little before 2 am. Made for a tired work day the day after but it was well worth it considering the hands on interaction I got with the department as well as some residents. Public safety is a priority of mine and attending a ride along I found incredibly valuable. If elected I would attend more of these.

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support with a lawn sign, share or like! None of it goes unnoticed and know that all of it makes a difference. Please share with your neighbors and encourage them to vote.

If you have questions or feedback for me I encourage you to contact me at 414 795 0990 or Enjoy your weekend, have a blessed Easter and I hope you go to the polls on Tuesday. District 12 votes at Waukesha West High School.

Aaron Perry

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1 Week!

I just wanted to share an update after a great Saturday of campaigning door to door in River's Crossing. My great friend of 16 years and campaign manager, Adam Engelstad, drove all the way from the Twin Cities to help me go door to door and get the conservative message out. We had great conversations with voters on the issues not only in our district but in the city as well. I even spoke with a few voters who did not know you could vote early because they were going to be on vacation April 2nd. I hope we have great voter turnout next week!

This week stay tuned to, Waukesha NOW, and the Freeman as they will publish the questionnaires that I filled out on the issues in our city and district. already has theirs out here for you to view. Today I had the opportunity to speak with a district 12 resident one on one which I found rewarding, as the best thing I know a leader in city government can do is listen. We may not always see eye to eye but rest assured I will represent everyone in our district equally and provide transparency that instills trust in our Alderman's seat.

Finally the issue most important in the next week is voting. Local elections most likely have a larger impact on our day to day lives than a federal or state race. If recent history has taught us anything in politics it's that elections matter and our votes absolutely matter. I encourage you to make time on Tuesday, April 2nd to get to Waukesha West High School between 7am and 8pm to make your voice heard with your vote. In addition to that I encourage you to share this information with your neighbors or friends in any district to make sure they make time to vote. I ask for your vote as we continue to grow this community together.

Contact me at, 414 795 0990, Vote Perry on Facebook and @perry4alderman on Twitter.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Great Forum-Crunch Time

I enjoyed the forum at Carroll University last night. It was great to take questions from people and hear the honest answers from other candidates. It also motivated me even more to ensure District 12 is represented properly and by someone who has District 12's priorities first. I will be going door to door this coming Saturday as well as Saturday March 30th, the Saturday before the election. Also don't be surprised if you see me on Monday April 1st encouraging you to vote while you're watching the Brewers on opening day. This election matters and I take this opportunity seriously, my hope is that you the voter takes voting seriously.

I have a link right here that will bring you to the live blog from last night. This details and quotes answers to questions that were asked last night. Although we were only given a minute to answer questions that are complex, I am confident in my answers and am very happy with how I did last night. If you have a question or concern I encourage you to contact me directly and I will make time for you.

Like I said last night, what sets me apart is that I have lived in several areas of the country. I know a great place to live when I see one and Waukesha is special. I ask for your help in electing someone who realizes this and wants to expand on it. I want to ensure our children have a safe place to live and a place we can grow old knowing we have leaders who value our city as much as you do. I ask for your dedication to vote.

Here are the ways to find more information or to contact me. To see my Facebook Page and Twitter Page feel free to click on those links. My phone number is 414 795 0990 and email is  If you would like to support the campaign with a lawn sign I will be out this Saturday giving out the last of those. Here is a link to a blog I wrote for back in December.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with as many residents as possible this weekend with my campaign manager who is traveling here from Minnesota to help me go door to door. I appreciate everyone's support and ask that you take the time to vote on April 2nd.

Aaron Perry

Monday, March 18, 2013

Campaigning, Voting, and a Forum

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a safe St. Patrick's Day. I spent the weekend in St. Cloud, MN celebrating my Mother in-laws 60th birthday party. I'm looking forward to spending the next 2 Saturdays going door to door and meeting with more neighbors in District 12. If you would like to meet with me feel free to contact me directly and I'd love to come by.

Early voting has now begun! If you are already a registered voter you can vote in person in the Clerk's office at City Hall. Voter turnout is important and elections matter. Ensure your voice is heard by voting in this Spring election. District 12 votes at Waukesha West High School on April 2nd, for a complete list of the city's polling locations see here.

Finally there is a candidate forum this Wednesday night at Carroll University. The forum will take place from 7-8:30 PM in the Dorothy Goff Frisch Recital Hall of the Shattuck Music Center, 218 N. East Ave. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to speak to hopefully a large group of voters and meeting with the other candidates including my opponent who has committed to participating as well. With 9 candidates and only 90 minutes there will be a limited amount of time to address each question to a proper extent. Knowing this ahead of time I will be sending out a recap blog extending and clarifying any answers that will need further explanation later in the week.

I hope everyone has a great week, remember to vote!

Aaron Perry

Sunday, March 3, 2013

30 Days! A little about me...

I hope everyone had a great weekend! March is now here and hopefully we'll begin to see some of that great spring weather in Wisconsin. Saturday was exciting to get a handful of lawn signs out to residents and businesses. A big thank you goes out to all who have one and to my Father and Father in law who helped me put them out! If you would like to have one feel free to contact me directly. I'm more than happy to bring one by.

Today was extremely special because my youngest son Jackson was baptized today at Christ the Servant Lutheran church. I have been a Christian and Lutheran all my life. My Father is a Lutheran Pastor and I attended a Lutheran High School all 4 years graduating from Mayer Lutheran High School in 1998.

I married my wife Angela in August of 2007 and we moved to Wisconsin just days after our wedding day. We instantly fell in love with the area and chose River Hills Estates in Waukesha to buy a house and start our family. We were blessed with our first son Landon in September of 2011 and our son Jackson was born on Veteran's Day just last year on 11-11. We feel very at home in Waukesha and love that we'll raise our family in such a great safe area.

From Day 1 I have communicated that public safety is a priority of mine. I believe with so many neighborhoods in our District having been built in the last 15 years it is imperative we do all we can to maximize the value of our area. The value of our homes lies in public safety, controlling taxes, and ensuring our residents are represented appropriately. District 12 is an area I would be proud to represent on the Common Council.

This last Wednesday night I attended the Plan Commission meeting in the Council Chambers. On the agenda was the rezoning of the BMO Harris owned and undeveloped land off of Clearwater Lane from Rm-3 Multi-family residential to RD-2 2 family residential. Basically the proposal to build large apartment buildings in the area was not in the best interest of the current home owners in the area for a list of reasons. I agree with them 100% which is why I wanted to attend to show my support. This was a prime example of how an Alderman can assist residents in making difference in their community. Alderman Rick Hastings did a great job on this cause and was successful along with each one of us who attended that night. The vote was 5-2 in favor of rezoning. This measure will now go on to the Common Council for approval. I look forward to having the opportunity to represent District 12 and make common sense decisions if elected in April.

I hope everyone has a great week and I emphatically encourage you to share this blog as well as Like the Facebook page Vote Perry and follow the campaign on Twitter at @perry4alderman. I'll be going door to door in areas of District 12 this next weekend, sending out more direct mail and blogging more about the campaign. If you'd like a lawn sign you can contact me 414 795 0990 or Thanks everyone!

Aaron Perry

Sunday, February 17, 2013

44 Days!!

I hope everyone has had a great first half of February. My campaign has been on the low key side in respect for those candidates in Districts 1 & 11 as well as the attention put on the 98th Assembly District for some parts of Waukesha. I look forward to getting into more details of my thoughts on issues facing Waukesha and District 12 in the next six weeks.

Since I posted last, a lot has happened in Waukesha. In my District and neighborhood in particular there was a great example of what a resident can accomplish with their Alderman's help. In River Hills Estates, a resident felt there was a safety issue for the children who live in the area and made the case for stop signs to be installed at a potentially dangerous intersection. Alderman Hastings assisted the resident in the opportunity to present this case and it was approved by the Building & Grounds Committee. For some reason, almost three months later this decision was put in question (not by the committee or Alderman Hastings) by another resident. This case was presented again and approved again keeping the children in our neighborhood safe with my support. Being proactive in safety is a policy we need to follow and one I'll pursue as Alderman.

The BID...I attended the Common Counsel meeting the night the bylaws and budget were approved. A vote came to the Counsel to postpone the vote of the bylaws and budget for sixty days. It was voted down.  This was a measure I would have preferred due to the fact that new Alderman would be in place as well as it would have given the BID disbandment process more time to proceed and Counsel more information to go on.

Just a few issues I'll be touching on in the next blogs...
--West Waukesha Bypass
--Waukesha water supply
--Proposed Fire Station off Oakdale Drive
--Park plans for River Hills Estates
--Crime and Safety

To speak with me individually on any issue please call me at 414 795 0990.

Having spent time attending both forums for the candidates for District 11 and had correspondence with four of the five of them I feel it appropriate to voice who I'd prefer to work with if elected myself. All five gentlemen have good intentions and I applaud them for what they are doing and encourage their community involvement even if not in the role of Alderman. If I had a vote in District 11 I would cast it for James Cowee. I believe the mixture of his work experience, community involvement and passion for ensuring the District is properly represented is impressive.

Have a great week everyone! God bless!

Aaron Perry

Sunday, January 27, 2013

District 11 Forum

After attending the forum for the 5 candidates for Alderman in District 11 today I thought I'd post a somewhat less formal blog about the experience.

First, thank you to Sarah Millard of for moderating and Victoria Hekkers for organizing the forum. Simply as an observer I found this event to be very interesting and with 5 candidates to pick from, very needed. I of course do not have a vote in this District but as a candidate myself in District 12 one of these gentleman I would work closely with if I am elected. I think it is important to be aware of what is on the minds of residents of any District since decisions I would make and votes I would cast also affect other areas of the city. I found it surprising and disappointing that there were not other candidates there. I will also be attending the forum tomorrow night and hope I am not the only one there again.

Lots of questions were asked and issues discussed. Here were just a few...

Grocery store for down town
Crime & safety
Clarke hotel
Crimes related to drugs
Code enforcement
BID committee
Water issue
Re branding the city as "Guitar Town"
City taxes vs. BID taxes
Shared dispatch services with Waukesha County

The candidates shared some good ideas and I'm sure we'll hear more tomorrow night. I hope to see each person given the opportunity to explain what sets them apart from the other 4 candidates. There are differences between them and I believe it serves the people well when those are pointed out and discussed.

For those on Twitter feel free to follow the campaign at @perry4alderman. Like I did today I will live tweet from the forum tomorrow evening. The forum is at Avalon Square 222 Park Place in Waukesha. This forum to be moderated by Sarah Pryor.

Enjoy the week!